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Many communities perceive storm water drainage problems as seasonal and temporary and believe that the problems go away when the rain stops. Consequently, comprehensive storm water programs are not fully developed or simply neglected. Maintenance is handled on a crisis basis with repair money coming from general or street funds. Large capital storm water projects may appear as a line item in the annual budget. Municipal officials often site a lack of funds as a reason for not addressing these problems


A storm water utility, like other utilities, provides a service to the public, supported by charging fees to its customers. Storm water utility charges operate and maintain the existing system and may be able to finance capital improvements. User charges provide a consistent, predictable, long-term revenue source

Time Line:

November 1, 2006 - Norwalk was designated as a Small MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) by EPA. This means we had to be authorized (via an NPDES Permit) by EPA to discharge storm sewers into receiving waters of the state (aka Huron River)  As a requirement of this authorization, we had to develop, implement and enforce a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP).

June 5, 2009 - The SWMP was developed and approved by Ohio EPA.

June 5, 2014 - The SWMP must be fully implemented and enforced by this date to meet the requirements of our permit.

Fee Structure:

The base fee will be 1 Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). Effective January 2013, our ERU cost per residential parcel will be $1.35. Properties other than residential will be calculated as a multiple of this unit (and price) based on their impervious surface area. Non-residential properties with larger impervious surfaces are charged more, as they require larger infrastructure and more maintenance.

Stormwater Monthly Fees Charged by Peer Cities:

Of the over 400 communities that are directed by the Ohio EPA to have a stormwater plan, just under 200 of them have already developed a stormwater utility.

New London - $4/ERU

Bucyrus - $4/ERU

Galion - $3/ERU

Hudson – was $3/ERU, eliminated it in 2004 after income tax increase to pay for this.

Cuyahoga Falls - $3/ERU

Lebanon - $3.50/ERU

Wadsworth - $4.50/ERU

What the Utility Pays For:

Items to be addressed in this management plan, effectively “unfunded mandates”, include Inspection, Mapping, Infrastructure Projects and Maintenance of the existing system (pipes, catch basins, manholes, detention ponds, outfalls, headwalls, culverts and bridges). About $120,700 of the 2010 General Fund budget was spent on storm water infrastructure and maintenance. By 2014, that cost will be $212,700 per year of the items currently coming out of the General Fund.

More specifically, this fund will go toward reducing infiltration in the existing storm sewers and create separate sewers for areas that are still combined. By doing this, basement floodings and backups can be reduced.



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