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Zoning Department

The Zoning Department, a division of the Public Works Department, enforces the zoning code and property maintenance code within the City of Norwalk. This office also issues residential and commercial property zoning permits while maintaining the GIS mapping and reviewing site plans.
  Zoning Permit Fees
Norwalk GIS


Services Offered

  Enforces the zoning code and property maintenance code
  Issues residential and commercial property zoning permits
  Maintains the zoning map
  Reviews site plans


  Architectural District - Certificate of Appropriateness Application
    Architectural District - Determination of Need for Certificate of Appropriateness
  Board of Zoning Appeals - Conditional Use Application
    Board of Zoning Appeals - Variance Application
  Lot Split Application
  Right of Way Permit Application
    Zoning Permit Application

General Information

  Architectural District Guidelines
  Building Code
  Clerk of Council
  Codified Ordinances
Commercial Development Permit Process Guideline
  Complaints or Concerns
  Fence Information
  Garage and Accessory Building Regulations
  Parking Requirements - Off Street
  Planning Commission
  Public Works Department
  Residential Development Permit Process Guideline
    Right-of-Way Construction Permit Application
  Sign Ordinances
  Subdivision Regulations
  Swimming Pool Regulations
  Zoning Permit Fees
  Zoning Use Districts


James Frado
38 Whittlesey Ave.
2nd Floor Room 208
Norwalk, Ohio 44857
Phone: 419-663-6783
Fax: 419-663-6711

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

What is Action Line?

Action Line is where residents can report concerns and problems.