Electronic Fingerprinting

The Norwalk Police Department fingerprints INDIVIDUALS needing a BCI (State of Ohio) and/or FBI (Federal) fingerprinting background check. INDIVIDUALS requesting a background check must apply in person at the Norwalk Police Department, 37 N. Linwood Avenue. Hours of operation are Sunday through Saturday, 24 hours. No appointment is required, however completion of the check is contingent upon the availability of police personnel.

In order for us to handle your requested service as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please ensure that you arrive prepared. The following is a checklist of items and information that you will be required to provide upon your arrival:

IDENTIFICATION: You MUST provide photo identification (a VALID driver's license).

TYPE OF SERVICE: You WILL need to know if you need a BCI background, an FBI background, or both. If a prospective employer is requiring you to obtain the background check, ask them to be as specific as possible. *Note - we do not provide fingerprinting services for Visas, Immigration, or Green Cards

REASON: You WILL need to know the reason that the background check is required. Again, if your employer is requiring the background check, ask them to specify the reason so that you can relay that information to us. If you need an FBI check, have your employer provide the O.R.C. code/reason, if possible.

ADDRESS: You WILL need to know the address where the results will be mailed. BCI results CAN be mailed to you, however, you may want to check with your prospective employer or whoever is requesting the background check. There are some companies that will only accept the results if they are sent directly to the company in a sealed envelope from BCI. FBI background check results CANNOT be mailed to you. They must be mailed directly to whomever is requiring you to obtain the background check.

FEES: The fee for a BCI or FBI only check is $30.00. The fee for both is $60.00. The fee for Fingerprinting only is $5.00. Payment must be made at time of service. Payment is only accepted in the form of CASH or MONEY ORDER payable to the City of Norwalk.

Once an individual's fingerprints are submitted, the results will be mailed directly from BCI within 30 days. The Norwalk Police Department does not receive the background check, we do not mail the results, and we do not see the results of the background check.

An individual requesting just a fingerprint card without a background check may obtain one at the department. The fee is $5.00. Please note that identification is required.

If you have any questions, please contact the non-emergency number at (419) 668-3311.