Norwalk Sanitation Department - 3845 Laylin Road, Norwalk

The Norwalk Sanitation Department is responsible for Trash Collection, Recycling Collection, Yard Waste Collection and the YARD WASTE Facility. The services of the Sanitation Department are funded by a 1/4% income tax.

Holidays & Special Dates

On holidays when the department is closed, collection is delayed by one day for the rest of the week.

Closed on: Memorial Day - May 27

Labor Day - Sept. 2

Independence Day (celebrated) July 4

Christmas - Dec. 25 

Christmas Tree Pick up - week of Jan 14th, 2019

Thanksgiving - Nov. 28  

New Years Day

The City of Norwalk does not have a landfill. The Sanitation Department transports all refuse to the Huron County Transfer Station, 2415 Townline Road 131, Willard, Ohio 44890, (419) 744-2413. Please contact them directly for information on public use of the transfer station.

2019 Special Collection Dates

Yard Waste Facility Open April 5th ~ December 1st on Friday, Sat., Sun., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Limited Spring Trash Pickup week of April 8th, regular trash day

Spring Brush Pickup week of April 29th, regular trash day

Curbside Yard Waste Pickup April 29th ~ October 25th, regular trash day

Fall Brush Pickup week of October 21st, regular trash day

Limited Fall Trash Pickup week of October 28th, regular trash day
Fall Leaf Pickup To Be Announced



Trash Collection

Contact the Sanitation Department at 419-668-7122 to determine the collection day for your address.

• Trash is picked up once a week.

• Residents are permitted to place up to 3 cans or bags of trash per household at the curb.

• Cans or bags must not exceed 33 gallons in size and cannot weigh more than 40 pounds each.

• Trash must not be placed at the curb before 4:00 pm the night before pickup.

• Trash cans must be removed from the curb by 6:00 am the day following your trash pickup.

Large items or extra bags of trash can be picked up for an additional cost. A large item (for example, couch, oversize bag, television) costs $10. Extra bags cost $3 each. Residents must purchase a sticker for each item and place it on the item prior to setting it out for pickup. Stickers are available at the Utility Billing Window at City Hall, 38 Whittlesey Avenue, during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Recycling Collection

 Unlimited recycling is picked up at curbside on your normal trash day.

• Yellow recycling tags, available at City Hall and numerous stores throughout town, must be placed on bags of recyclables.

• All recyclables, including steel and aluminum cans, glass bottles, #1 thru #7 plastics, and paper, should be placed in tagged garbage bags for recycling.

• Large amounts of cardboard can be flattened and tied to prevent the items from blowing into neighboring properties.


Yard Waste Collection

The Sanitation Department picks up yard waste at curbside from April 29th through October 25th on your normal trash day.

• Residents are allowed two cans or two bundles of yard waste per dwelling.

• Cans must not be more than 33 gallons in size and cannot weigh more than 40 pounds each.

• Yard waste placed in garbage bags or cardboard boxes will not be collected.

• Cans must be clearly marked YARD WASTE.

• Bundles must be tied, less than 4 feet in length, and weigh less than 40 pounds.

Bi-Annual City-Wide Brush Pick-Ups

Bi-annual city-wide brush pick-ups are held in the spring and fall for residents living on streets dedicated to the city. The spring collection for 2019 is scheduled for the week of April 29th. The fall collection has been set for the week of October 21st.

• Brush must be placed on curb on regular trash pick-up day.

• Entire large trees or bushes will not be picked up.

• Brush must be stacked neatly with no roots, stumps, or soil attached.

• Branches are to be no longer than 6 feet.

• If you have a narrow boulevard, you may place brush neatly on the back side of the sidewalk.

• No more than one pickup truck load will be collected from a residence.

• Brush will only be collected once. No return trips will be made.


yard Waste Facility

The City Yard waste Facility is located on Austin Shadle Road, behind Baines Park. The facility provides residents with a place to drop off yard waste which includes brush, leaves and grass at no charge. When available, residents may pick up leaf mulch at no charge.

The facility operates on a seasonal schedule. It will be open April 5th through December 1st. The hours of operation are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The facility is for Norwalk residential use only. Proof of residency is required.

Spring & Fall Trash Pick-Up

(Limited) 3 large item pick-up  Spring is April 8-12th  Fall is Oct. 28th - Nov. 1
Households are allowed to set out three large items or nine extra trash bags (no larger than 33 gallons each) for pickup at no additional charge on their normal trash day during this week. One large item is equal to three bags, so residents may set out one item and six bags, or any equivalent combination.

The pickup will be limited to household items only, such as mattresses, couches, or tvs. This does not include construction or remodeling debris (carpet, lumber, drywall, etc.). Items with freon can only be collected if properly tagged that the freon has been removed.


Miscellaneous Information

Wet Paint can't be placed in the trash. Dry the can out with kitty litter or sand before disposal.

Dry cell batteries are safe to place in your regular trash.

Needles and other sharps must be placed in a safe container before being placed in the trash. Any puncture resistant container can be used. Acceptable containers include:

• wide mouth sports bottles • plastic coffee containers • plastic laundry or bleach bottles • plastic milk jugs