Norwalk, A Tree City

In the City of Norwalk, we take great pride in maintaining our "urban forest." From our street trees to our park trees, we make every effort to maintain the right mix of safety and beauty. Main Street is lined with majestic maple trees, originally planted in the 1830s by city founder Platt Benedict. These trees marked the beginning of Norwalk's reign as the "Maple City."


 What About Street Trees?

Street trees are defined as any tree, shrub or bush lying within the city right-of-way, i.e. the tree lawn. As such, street trees are city property. While the trees belong to the city, we realize that they affect the curb appeal of your home. With the assistance of the Norwalk Tree Board, the City works hard to be responsive to your concern. Please contact the Office of Safety/Service if you have a concern about a street tree. Feel free to email, call (419) 663-6700 or complete an ACTION LINE REQUEST for tree service.

In certain cases, a resident may wish to trim, remove, or replant a tree within the tree lawn at their own expense. Please be aware that written approval must be obtained from the Office of Safety/Service before proceeding.

Regulations exist for the placement and type of trees that can be planted in a tree lawn. These rules take into account the many circumstances and conditions that affect the health of the trees, as well as city infrastructure.