Mayor Robert L. Duncan

Elected in November 2011, and re-elected in November 2015, Rob Duncan is serving his second term as mayor in Norwalk. He received a degree in theology from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and has been actively involved in ministry for more than twenty years. For several years Rob was the North Central Ohio representative for the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business). Rob has served as the President of the Huron County Youth Soccer Club, Chairman of the Huron County Board of Elections and is currently on the Board of Directors for NOPEC and Goodwill Industries.

The City of Norwalk is a charter city, operating under a "Strong Mayor-Council Plan" system. As Chief Executive Officer, the mayor supervises the administration of all affairs of the city, exercising control over all departments and divisions. The mayor executes all contracts on behalf of the city and is responsible for keeping Council informed on the financial and administrative activities of the city.

The Mayor is elected for a term of four years. For more detailed information on the powers and duties of the Mayor, you may refer to the Charter of the City of Norwalk.