General Services

The General Services Department is responsible for the upkeep of city-owned streets and buildings. Located at 42 Woodlawn Avenue, the department also manages the care of city parks. For after hours emergencies, please contact the Norwalk Police Department non-emergency line at (419) 668-3311.

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection is the week of November 26th.

Leaf collection is scheduled for one week during the month of November. The following guidelines are designed to ensure collection is provided in a timely and efficient manner with regard to safety of the public and city staff.

• Leaves only - cannot be mixed with brush, sticks, yard waste, or trash. Mulched leaves cannot be picked up.

• Leaves in bags will not be picked up.

• Leaves must be placed on the curb where trash is picked up.

• Leaves must be within 6 feet of curb.

• Leaves must be on curb by 7:30 a.m. by Nov. 26th.

• Leaves behind parked cars cannot be picked up.

• Leaves will be picked up only once at each property.

Residents with leaf piles not in compliance will receive a letter notifying them of the reason their leaves were not collected.

As with any outdoor process, weather is a factor. Inclement weather may delay pickup. Please be patient and have your leaves raked to the curb on your scheduled day. The trucks will be by. Please check the front page of this website or the Norwalk Reflector for changes to the week of collection.

Leaves, yard waste, and brush can be taken to the city’s Compost Facility. The leaves are composted on-site. In the spring the resulting compost is available at no cost to residents. The Compost Facility is open through the end of November on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Compost Facility, located behind Baines Park, is free to city residents. Residents need to bring proof of residency. 


Maintenance of City Streets

The General Services Department is responsible for approximately 70 miles of streets. Residents should report the following to this department:


Missing or Damaged Street or Traffic Signs

Potholes, Sinkholes, or any Pavement Issues

Dead Animals or Other Obstacles in the Streets

Hanging Tree Limbs on City Owned Streets or Boulevards

 Maintenance of City Parks

The General Services Department maintains the grounds and buildings for all of the city's parks. Recent special projects have included the construction of the new shelter at Sofios Park, the walking trail through the wetlands at Sofios Park and the gazebo in Suhr Family Park. From playground maintenance to mowing to tree trimming, the General Services crew keeps the city looking great!


Salting and Snow Plowing

Salting and snow plowing is conducted by the General Services Department.

• State routes and main arteries are the first priority.

• Secondary streets are completed next, but not in any specific order.

• Residents should refrain from parking on city streets when snow exceeds two (2) inches.


Damage Caused to Tree Lawns by Snow Removal

Damage Caused to Mailboxes by Snow Plows

Residents should report the following to this department:

Damage caused to mailboxes by snow plows.

Damage caused to tree lawns by snow plows.

Damage can be reported to the General Services Department via email, phone, or by clicking on the links above.  Please note, the city only repairs/replaces properly installed mailboxes and posts that are directly hit by a city snow plow. Follow this link for the city's mailbox replacement policy.


Sewer Collection

The General Services department is responsible for the maintenance of the city sewer system and the city storm system. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer lateral from the residence to the city main sanitary line.

Residents may report the following issues to the General Services Department via email, phone, or by clicking on the links below.


Sewer Odor Problems

Sewer Backup Problems


Sewer By-Laws


Traffic Signalization Lights

The General Services Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic signalization lights.

Traffic light outages can be reported to the General Services Department via email, phone, or by following this Action Line Link.

Street light outages should be reported directly to Ohio Edison.

Water Distribution

The General Services Department is responsible for the maintenance of water mains and fire hydrants. Homeowners are responsible for the service lines going from the curb shut-off valve to the home. This includes all lines going to the meter pit and including the meter pit if applicable.

In the event of a water main break, crews work until the break has been repaired. If a water boil alert is required, signs will be posted at either end of the effected street. Following a break, water may be cloudy or discolored. Running cold water for 15 to 30 minutes should resolve the issue.

Problems with color, taste odor in the water, low water pressure, or a water emergency should be reported directly to General Services. If after hours, residents may report the problem to the Norwalk Police Department’s non-emergency number at (419) 668-3311.

Water services (shut-offs, repairs, etc.) are scheduled through the Utility Billing Office at City Hall.


Water By-Laws

Boil Alert Information

Water Meters

while purchased by the resident, are maintained by General Services. Application for a meter is made through General Services, 42 Woodlawn, and paid for at the City Hall Utility Billing Office.

Fire hydrants are flushed periodically which may result in cloudy or discolored water. Residents should run cold water for 15 to 30 minutes and the problem should be resolved.

Hydrant Flushing to begin Monday, May 6, 2019

The City of Norwalk General Services Department will begin their spring hydrant flushing program on Monday, May 6th. The project will last approximately two weeks. Flushing may result in cloudy or discolored water. Residents should run COLD water for approximately fifteen (15) minutes or until the water is clear. If it does not, please contact the General Services Department at (419) 663-6715.