Water Treatment Department - 201 Woodlawn Avenue, Norwalk

The City of Norwalk's Water Treatment Plant, located at the intersection of Old State Road and Woodlawn Avenue, was constructed in 1927, rebuilt in 1990-91, and upgraded in 2002 and 2006. It is designed to produce up to 4 million gallons of water a day, about twice the normal demand.

Norwalk's primary water source is rainwater runoff from an 8 square-mile area east of the city. The runoff fills the city's reservoirs, located on Old State Road, south of State Route 18.

The water plant provides a series of chemical and physical treatments to remove contaminants and disinfect the water. Click here for more detailed information on how your water becomes drinkable.

The city has two water towers to provide customers with an adequate supply of water at a sufficient pressure. Dozens of tests are done daily to ensure the city's drinking water meets all EPA standards. In addition, the city's backflow prevention program is administered through this department.

The City of Norwalk Reservoir System is made up of three reservoirs - Memorial Reservoir, Upper Reservoir, and Lower Reservoir. Covering 159 acres, the reservoirs hold 700 million gallons of water.

The Norwalk Reservoir complex is a great place to enjoy the nature in Norwalk. On more than 320 acres of land, the area includes everything from playgrounds and shelters to walking trails and frisbee golf. Fishing and boating are permitted on the reservoirs. Check out the Park & Recreation Department for detailed information on all the amenities the reservoir has to offer.