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Norwalk Fire Department

 "The Norwalk Fire Department takes great pride serving the citizens within the City of Norwalk, Bronson Township and Norwalk Township. We are committed to meeting the challenges facing today's emergency services through a progressive training program designed to prepare for the many types of emergencies we encounter. Inspection and prevention are priority programs to avoid fires and workplace accidents. Our firefighters not only work, but live in this community that we love and we take great pride at being the best in our profession. 

The fire department is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year to serve your needs. If ever you have a question or comment regarding our department or the service we provide, please feel free to call the station. Thank you for the opportunity to serve." 
~ Chief John Soisson


Our Mission: To protect lives, conserve property, and provide quality customer service to the citizens that we serve.


Fire Department Basics

The Norwalk Fire Department provides Fire/Rescue and EMS basic life support service to the City of Norwalk, as well as Bronson and Norwalk Townships.

In addition to fire suppression, the department provides emergency technical rescue services that include extrication, Hazmat, water/ice rescue, trench and confined space, high and low angle rope rescue, and basic life support EMS.

Non-emergency functions of the department include occupancy inspections, fire prevention programs, fire extinguisher and CPR classes. The Norwalk Fire Department is staffed by 18 full-time employees with a response area covering over 46 square miles and a population of 22,300.

Inspection Bureau

The Inspection Bureau is responsible for inspecting over six hundred local businesses annually for fire and safety code compliance. The bureau also conducts home inspections and construction final inspections.

The bureau is responsible for reviewing pre-construction site plans, fire suppression system reports, and fireworks permits. Other duties include fire safety education and research for environmental studies.

You may contact the inspection bureau via email or by calling the non-emergency number at (419) 663-6790. For detailed information on Fire Safety Inspections, download Norwalk Fire Department's Fire/Life Safety Inspections brochure.


Norwalk Fire has a fleet of 10 vehicles, ranging from a 1999 Freightliner Tanker to a 2017 Spartan Pumper.


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