Canine Unit

The Norwalk Police Department K-9 Unit was started in 2004 by Officer Dave Ditz along with donations from several area businesses for the purchase of K-9 Fazo.  Through the course of K-9 Fazo’s career, he went through rigorous training with two different handlers as well as his weekly training.  Officer Dave Pigman took over K-9 handler duties for K-9 Fazo while Officer Ditz was on military deployments.  K-9 Fazo retired in the fall of 2008.

The department acquired K-9 Viper who was assigned to Officer Timothy Skinner in the fall of 2008.  K-9 Viper was bred at North Coast K-9 in Monroeville, Ohio.  The owners of North Coast K-9, Nick and Tammy Blackford, work closely with numerous law enforcement agencies in the area and generously contributed countless hours of training for Officer Skinner and K-9 Viper.  Officer Jared Ferris took over handler responsibilities for K-9 Viper in 2010. Officer Ferris and K-9 Viper worked together until 2016 when K-9 Viper was retired.

In 2017, Gaymont Nursing Home and The American Legion Post 41 spearheaded the reboot of our K-9 program, along with the assistance of countless others. The K-9 Unit acquired K-9 Joker who was assigned to Officer Nick Weber.  K-9 Obie was also added to the unit after previously serving for the Willard Police Department and was assigned to Officer Hayden Service. K-9 Obie was certified to detect narcotics until his retirement in the winter of 2019.  Both K-9 teams had trained regularly together and along with K-9 Units from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Perkins Police Department, Sandusky Police Department and Bellevue Police Department. 

Officer Timothy Skinner took over handler responsibilities for K-9 Joker in the winter of 2019. K-9 Joker is certified to detect narcotics, track and apprehend fleeing suspects, and complete area/building searches. The K-9 unit assists with school searches, service of warrants, as well as assisting numerous area agencies when called upon.  They also interact with the public at events and demonstrations throughout the year.

K-9 Joker is with his handler nearly 24/7 as he goes home with Officer Skinner at the end of their shifts.  The K-9 unit is on call 24 hours a day and is ready to respond when called upon.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is staffed with three full-time officers -  a juvenile officer, general assignment detective, and drug enforcement detective. Other officers may be temporarily assigned. Officers assigned to the detective bureau are selected on the basis of skills, ability, knowledge, and expertise in interviewing, analytical thinking, and other traits necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the positions. The officers investigate crimes ranging from home invasion to drug offenses. 

The Norwalk Police Department is a member of the METRICH Enforcement Unit. The detective bureau works with other members of the unit in a cooperative and concentrated effort to reduce Ohio's drug supply.

detective sergeant seth fry
detective sergeant dave daniels
detective zach o’neil


Juvenile Unit

Sergeant Dave Daniels is currently assigned to the Juvenile Unit. He is responsible for attending to youth-related issues and problems, maintaining close liaison with agencies and organizations interested in juvenile matters, including Huron County Job & Family Services, Huron County Juvenile Court, and the Huron County Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

The juvenile officer is also responsible for designing and implementing programs intended to prevent and control juvenile offenses and providing resources for juvenile cases within the department. Programs such as Safety TownD.A.R.E, and regular visits to local schools have a positive impact on the children of our community.

Reserve Unit

The City of Norwalk currently can employ up to seven reserve officers. These officers serve a vital function in the Norwalk Police Department. Duties of reserve officers include working with full-time officers and civilians in the performance of their duties; supplementing available personnel during emergencies; working designated special details, and any other activities assigned by the Chief of Police.


School Crossing Guards

School crossing guards are employed by the police department. They are responsible for assisting children in crossing streets on their way to school. Crossing guards are posted at five different intersection in town, before and after school. The work involves considerable responsibility and attention to details of pedestrian and vehicular safety.  Crossing Guard Application

Special Response Team

The primary purpose of the Special Response Team (SRT) is to provide a specialized rapid response to critical incidents. The team was founded in 1994 and currently has nine members. The team has responded to and helped safely resolve many critical incidents, including high risk search warrants and barricaded suspects.


sergeant tom cook - team commander
detective sergeant dave daniels - assistant commander
officer chris kelley - operator
Officer paul gardner - Operator
officer zach o’neil - operator
Officer Jon Crabill - Operator
officer hayden service - operator
sergeant mike biller - operator